About Tailwind

Tailwind’s goal is to enhance the airport experience for busy travelers, vacationers and airport personnel by providing exceptional concession services. We accomplish this in several ways.

We offer delicious, healthy and interesting food and beverage choices throughout our pre- and post-security restaurants. From a quick “grab and go” sandwich to a more leisurely hot meal, Tailwind focuses on high-quality ingredients, choices to make the selection personalized and tantalizing specials to make weary travelers smile.

Our retail concessions offer a wide range of items to make travel more comfortable for airport patrons: travel necessities and accessories, jewelry, post/greeting cards, magazines/books, health and beauty items, novelties and gifts, clothing and children’s toys.

We try to anticipate traveler needs and then fill them.

History of the Company

The original Tailwind Deli started in 2001 and operated at the Aspen, CO, airport. That’s where our tradition of offering high-quality food, beverage and retail began. It was a highly successful operation.

In 2004, Tailwind Deli News and Gifts, Inc. moved to Wilmington, NC, and began operating the concession at Wilmington International Airport, NC (ILM) in early 2005. Tailwind made substantial investments to create a full-service airport concession, including catering services for private jet flights, conferences and meetings.

Since then we’ve grown.

Regional Concessions with Flare

Tailwind selected regional airports as our specialized “niche” in the concession business because every site has a unique local and terminal culture. It makes selections for space designs, special menu items and retail merchandise more challenging and definitely more fun. We work closely with airport administrators and community groups to enhance the concession experience and reflect the neighborhoods, people and geography of the area.

Tailwind seeks to lessen patron stress and enhance the airport concession experience by offering:

  • Healthy food options
  • High quality food products
  • Retail offerings that meet the needs of travelers
  • Clean places to rest with space for luggage, children and computers

It all comes back to experience.  We have it.