At Tailwind, we are fully committed to finding the best locally made products and culinary delights representing the region. We do this by partnering with local brands and organizations that represent the local community of businesses, from buyers, farmers, processors/packers, breweries, and wineries, and more.

Authorized Brands

While we lean into local options, we understand the desire to offer familiar national brands. We have relationships with many popular brands, including Starbucks, Dunkin’, Quiznos, and more. Any of these brands can easily be incorporated into our local offerings at airports of all sizes.

“Impeccable service and quality food! Thanks so much for brightening my morning with smiles and delicious delights. -M”

HSV – Huntsville

“The team at the restaurants is absolutely amazing – Fayetteville, NC.”

FAY – Fayetteville


Tailwind Hospitality, Inc. is dedicated to providing delicious food, signature beverages, and interesting gift shop concessions at busy airports. Our mission is to make traveling through the airport more pleasurable by enjoying our concession experience. We offer interesting menus, with several local favorite foods and a variety of merchandise in our retail concessions, with an emphasis on local souvenirs and area favorite gifts. Local wines and craft brews are popular attractions to our bars. But there’s more…

Tailwind Hospitality

The customer comes first! We spend a lot of time and effort training associates to go beyond standard services to make sure the customer has a pleasant experience. Our business is customer-centered and our goal is to have satisfied customers look forward to coming back. A smile can make a difference. It is the Tailwind way!

“I popped in for a snack and had the pimento cheese potato skins. They were delicious! And Casser was a kind professional server. Good experience. Thank you, Holly”

CHA - Chattanooga