To provide innovative airport concessions making the travel experience more enjoyable through excellent customer service and high-quality product offerings.

“I’m frequently through the Green Bay-Austin Straubel International Airport. I wanted to compliment the two people who were in the stores. I had food at the food concessions. David was extremely nice and helpful, even though my order was small. I then went across to the merchandise store, as I wanted to pick up something for the friends I’m visiting in a week. I said I didn’t need a receipt, so I don’t have her name, but she was very welcoming and very helpful and wanted to make sure that what I bought would make it all the way to my destination okay. Just wanted to pass along. I really appreciated the friendly interactions as I travel out. Thanks, Aaron”

GRB – Green Bay


Airport professionals nationwide trust and utilize Tailwind to be the driving force that moves their goals forward, increasing revenue and enhancing the passenger experience.



We are committed to an environment where everyone is a valued team member treated with respect and recognized and rewarded for their efforts.

We honor our commitments to clients and to each other. We take ownership of our work and pride ourselves on accountability.

We uphold honesty and integrity in all our actions, following through on our commitments and ensuring transparency in our interactions with our clients and team members.


We choose to lead by example and encourage our team to contribute to achieving our goals, offering opportunities to foster growth within our organization.


We create a culture of friendliness and hospitality, where everyone is welcomed with a smile.


We encourage all team members to bring ideas and innovation to the table, as diverse viewpoints are essential for success.


We believe a neat and organized work environment fosters safety and efficiency and is key in displaying a professional aesthetic.


We are dedicated to offering the best customer service to all our customers, understanding their satisfaction is necessary for our success.

“Autumn at Flint Bishop International Airport bar is fantastic. Hard worker and super friendly. Hire more people like Autumn. And Kayla too!”

FNT – Flint