In 2004, Tailwind Deli News and Gifts, Inc. opened in North Carolina at the Wilmington International Airport (ILM). In 2005, Tailwind made substantial investments at ILM to create a full-service airport concession, including catering services for private flights, conferences, and meetings.

Over the past decades, Tailwind’s growth has been impressive, expanding operations to airports small and large across the entire United States. For 20 years, since those early days at ILM, we have managed food, beverage, and retail concession services at airports across the country. Each location remains unique in its sense of place experience offered by our hospitality.

In 2021, Palladin Consumer Retail Partners, LLC (PCRP) acquired Tailwind Hospitality, Inc. (dba Tailwind Concessions) and simultaneously acquired Air Host, Inc., creating a leading airport concession platform throughout the United States. There were no organizational changes at Tailwind and all members of the executive team were retained.


State of the art technology is at the forefront of all Tailwind locations. From point-of-sale systems to digital menu boards and mobile ordering, our capabilities fit seamlessly into the passenger experience at all levels.

The SpotOn system provides detailed keystroke and transaction reporting and delivers timely, complete revenue audit reports which can be monitored remotely in real time. The system relies on touchscreens, enabling us to respond to customers quickly, track tables, customize orders, and track transactions.

For a seamless and engaging experience, Tailwind utilizes digital menu boards. In addition to creating a sense of modernity, digital boards offer real time updating capabilities and reduce printing costs and paper waste. They have also been shown to increase sales by more than 30%!

Tailwind offers contactless ordering via QR codes, allowing customers to browse menus, customize orders, and pay all from the convenience of their mobile device.

“My mother and I were traveling to Orlando, Florida and were waiting for our flight at the Capital Region International Airport in Lansing, Michigan. We ordered a lunch meal from your concessions and were waited on by employee named Curtis. He was excellent! Very friendly. He went above and beyond to make sure we had everything we wanted and was overall a wonderful person to speak with. We were extremely pleased with his professionalism and humor! Thank you for employing such amazing people.”

LAN – Lansing


Tailwind isn’t just another business in your airport, but a member of your community. We believe in contributing our time, resources, and efforts to support and improve the well-being of the regions we serve. Tailwind has helped local charities in many ways, including donating proceeds of certain products, using the “round-up” change method, supporting food drives, and donating goods and services to support special events. Tailwind also participates in, and sponsors, local events at the airport and within communities.


Just as Tailwind continues to grow our footprint, so does our outreach and understanding of our responsible stewardship of the Earth. We view our responsibilities as a continuous cycle that comprises waste reduction, idling restrictions, and economic vitality, including employment opportunities, in the locations where we are privileged to serve the public. We understand that our policies, decisions, and actions contribute to a much larger picture. We conscientiously work with airport, local, county and state programs to minimize what is sent to landfills, to recycle and reuse products necessary to our business and to contribute to the sustainability of our natural and man-made resources.

In addition to supporting airport sustainability practices and procedures, Tailwind incorporates the following sustainability approach into our concession strategy:

  • can/bottle/paper/cardboard recycling programs with receptacles in locations
  • source local suppliers to the extent possible
  • source vendors who upcycle materials in the production of products
  • promote equitable, fair trade options
  • recycle strategies through community programs and our selection of materials
  • pallets are stacked and picked up to be reused
  • reduce and reuse strategies through our designs and fixture choices

We carefully consider how each of our purchasing decisions can incorporate more sustainable options, such as the use of repurposed materials as front-of-house decor within our food and beverage locations. We purchase kitchen equipment that conserves water and energy, and also do our best to source food locally to reduce the need for longer-distance transportation.

We understand that buying locally grown, raised, and processed food and locally made products not only ensures we receive high-quality, fresh products, but also helps the local economy, local farmers, ranchers, greenhouses, manufacturers, and processors in the area. Our plan is to source local products through these partnerships to minimize the high-impact product sources.

Construction of our concession spaces uses high quality, commercial grade materials. All furniture, fixtures and equipment are chosen for smart design and durability in a high-traffic environment. Such furnishings have proven to be long-lasting while keeping their fresh appearance.

“My wife and I have been flying through Eagle for the last couple of years, (solo I’ve flown through Eagle for over a decade), and we’ve had the pleasure of stopping at Hardscrabble where Sara has taken care of us. She is a wonderful bartender and waitress and always treats us well. She does an excellent job and has done so over the last couple of years! Kudos to her!”

EGE – Eagle County Regional Airport